On this page we share members stories and tales of daring do from yesteryear!

                                                 Der Nach Jaeger

A few years ago! We were on a private battle, on a reservoir site north of Halifax.This is a big valley with steep sides and three lakes, with a few scattered buildings.A lot of open  ground  with woods on the west side and down the valley, of different tree types.On the Saturday night, a few members wished to go night fighting so we got rigged up.Light order, only pistols, and faces cammed. up! Diagonal black stripes. Only two out of the six had done this before, so now they got, five minutes training.  Keep off the road/track, move slow and don’t stomp your feet, sound travels at night. Your hearing is tuned to any sound! Since you cannot see much. Keep close together to whisper info [ hand signals cannot be seen.]   Also we need a code/pass word to reform on, Tony Carott, from Scarborough came out with his regular expletive you “fish eyed git” which was immediately adopted. “Right , let’s go, but first let’s get off this crunchy road”. [6 of us were heading north on the east side of the valley, a low stone wall on our right and a 5ft wall on our left.]  With the hill side rising on our right , quite open ground with a farm house on a knoll [manned by Fallschimjaeger]. We climbed the low wall , and carried on. We only moved about 30yards when suddenly I stopped, crouched down and whispered to the group. “ Someone is coming down the road …stand by” Not only were they crunching! Down the track but talking as well!! I recognised one. It was the “ Elite 82nd  sergeant! Glen Mallen. Just as they reached us, they stopped and climbed the wall just in front of me ! A quick look round revealed a load of grey shapes above us , heading for the “ Farm on the knoll”.” S… ! that meant no shooting. “Grab them quick” ……  get them on the road”…they both tried to break free, but I had a good hold on his Jacket …Glen was going nowhere. The other one escaped . I pointed out the Yanks on the hill and instructed the rest of the section to give us 20sec to get our prisoner away then empty their pistols at the yanks before following us back to camp. On the way back I chatted to Glen , congratulating him on a full turn out, and what a surprise the Fallschies!  Would have had, had we not have intervened! This he confirmed ! der!!!

At camp we handed him over to Chippy and co to give him a beer and let him go. They were still firing at one another when we were all back ! Big Mick, was in the first venture, and remembers the yank sergeant ! Along with the intel ie  enemy who ! … 82nd ,objective,…  Fallschies Farm . “Right who’s for another go?” This time only 4 set out. We repeated the route but with great care. We passed the first ambush and stopped at a gate way in the wall ….” Someone coming” [crunching down the track and talking !! What dummies.] However I recognised one voice …it was a Fallbones! So we gave them a fright! And pointed out their errors! We moved on again , towards the dam and woods.

We knew the area well and kept out of the wood on the right as is was 1.very dark,2. Full of boulders and a spring …wet. On the left was an open wood of tall scots pines, little undergrowth and known paths. We settled in on the edge of the wood near the dam crossing and a gate way on the track! Not 10min and we heard  feet on the track again but coming from the North……Enemy ! “ spread out, and hold fire till they are on us”. The grey figure came in double order [ like on parade] right in front of us!] “Bang bang bang bang B. B. B.” What a shoot, like fish in a barrel! ……” scarper !” I actually came out of the wood to change my magazine and stood with them. Just so they knew It was 116 again, he he, I scarpered,  across the dam! Out of the wood I heard “ You fish eyed git” That was the call sign, I headed for them and soon we were sitting on the fallen trunk laughing! “ How are we to get back” Tony piped up! “Simple..we are going to hit them again !” But now we had come under rocket and flare attack from the last known allied position, or so it appeared! I decided it was the fallbones firing at the Yanks and these were the overs! At this point, everything in the wood was pitch black, everything outside the wood was silhouetted. If the Yanks were in the wood we could trip over them ! If we kept low we may spot them? We kept low slow and in line, heading back to the track /gate way.

Within 20yds of the road I spotted them. Two bone domes [ yank helmets] either side of a tree just to my left!  A whispered plan, I could not reach them as there was a clump of brambles between us. So Tony and Norman [ who didn’t have a gun]  were to jump on them from behind, while a grenadier and myself covered them. I could see this unfold in silhouette as Tony closed in. 6ft ….4ft….3ft….now! they jumped in and we dived in as well, never mind the brambles! They didn’t know what had hit them! Their mates [close by didn’t know  either]. We shot them with their own colt45, and disappeared in the night. We returned back to camp, without further incident.

   For the night we had captured 2 yanks, shot up an attack, wiped out their full unit, at the dam and knocked, Out 2 further yanks all without loss ! The lads did well.

An incident occurred when a member of LHA,  went into the Spring Wood. [fenced off]and fell among the rocks, resulting in superficial injury and loss of kit.

The other result of our exercise was. They never dared come out of their camp at night after this ever again!

This is a shot of the middle reservoir, looking north from the dam.


  About the time of the incident. Can be seen Big Mick, Brian Ledgard and Phil Cadogan, [ Russian now] Tony Carott , Steve Wooley can be seen, along with, Martin Finley, Dave Bunkel and Bernard Caladine.

Bralando (Staindrop)

This event was run on an private site, once an Army Camp, and later used to train soldiersfor Northern Ireland. Most of the buildings were there, but no glass in the windows.For the first event, a map was issued with the roads and buildings given German names and sign posts erected showing the way to the Reichbank, Kaiser Wilhelm Platz, etc. We even had an ammo box containing thousands of Reichmarks and gold bars which we placed in the bank! The first event was so … fantastic would not believe it!

 So I will recount a few separate actions from other times.


We, about 5 or 6 of us,were heading east down Paulus Allee.  A shot rang out , we stopped and looked about, who fired that! and at whom? A voice called out, ” you’re dead ” from close by! The only thing that close was a row of trees. “ sniper in the tree” We all fired at the tree in front. “Right sniper, I think your dead !”  With that a Yank climbed down from the tree, and we fell about laughing. He climbed down from the fourth tree along , not the one we fired at. We didn’t tell him! Sitting up in a leafed tree is good cover, unfortunately it is difficult to see out of.

Clearing buildings.

We were given an objective of clearing a row of buildings to the north side of Kaiser Wilhem Platz, This was on the side of a slight hill. To keep the huts level they had raised them up on stilts, concrete! At one end. This put the windows normally 4ft of the ground now 8ft off the ground. Which made them safe against people popping up at the window and shooting you in the back. At least that’s what the Allies thought!Knowing the site I had made up a small 7ft ladder for just such a task. This was the perfect usage. We dashed from one building to the next then spread out to attack from the low end while I waited at the high end. Given a few minutes to react to their defence I popped up leaned in through the window and blasted them.

Right lets go ..same drill next building and so on , till we cleared the row. Simple really, but not without the ladder. At the end of the row we laid out on the grass , we were knackered! Why?  We had not run much, however we had moved from building to building at full speed with full Kit !!!

  At another event Mark (Carlisle) and self were the support section armed with the Panzerschreckt. We had a call that Paratroops were holed up in a main office building and could not be shifted! The building had a row of 6 big windows at the front [ without glass] and a large entrance door. So Mark and I settled into the building opposite and lined up the Schreckt.  Armed with a load of wizzbangs! We fired one for effect! Sh…t it hit our window frame and bounced back. Not a good start! “Get the barrel end out the window! Mark”, right, try this! It screamed across the road, hit below the window and went off with a loud bang!!  I could see an immediate effect from this,  all the heads disappeared rapidly, “Drop the schreckt and follow me”, we charged across the road and ducked under the windows , hand signal GRENADES! We both lit one counted 3 and lobbed them in. I could see under the door and all the feet running about ! the grenades went off filling the place with

dust (fullers earth). Changing to Mauser only took seconds kicking the door in, another second, then Mark and I were in !!! EMPTY!  No back door only small windows and no shots from the Grenadiers covering the building!! Still, this was our job, done well!  The next building we set out to clear, was empty before we set up! The Allies had learned their lessons from the first Staindrop, and they didn’t under-estimate, the Krauts again.

 Axis forces gathering up at the end .