Insignia of the German Soldier

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M39 / M44 Breast Eagle

The correct chest eagle for late war tunics and shirts are the Bevo style which uses a thin rayon style thread supplied as a length of ribbon which needs trimming to shape then sewing on the right side of the uniform.

M39 Breast Eagle

M44 Breast Eagle

M39 DAK Breast Eagle





The best way to go about fitting the rayon type is trim it to shape leaving approx 4mm around the eagle then folding the edges over and using a small amount of bicycle puncture repair glue to stick it down ( don’t over apply it as you will find it hard getting a needle through ) , with either straight stitches or zig-zag.


These collar tabs / markings are used to identify the unit which the soldier belonged, the only two types that we use are the late war green for Army and pink for Panzer / Armoured crew, depending which part of the unit you join you will need the correct ones.

Pzr-grenadier (Grass Green) Litzen

Pzr-jager (Pink) Litzen

M40 DAK Litzen

Pzr-jager (Black or Green backed) Litzen

Pzr-jager Feldwebel Litzen







Shoulder Boards

M40 EM Shoulder Boards feldgrau wool with green piping for Panzergrenadiers, or Pink for Armoured Vehicle and Tank crews.

Pzr-grenadier (Grass Green) Shoulder Board

Pzr-jager (Pink) Shoulder Board

Pzr-jager Feldwebel Shoulder Board

Pzjager (Pink) Anti-tank Shoulder Board