How do I Join?

  1. First you should contact us using the form on the Membership Enquiry tab on the Recruitment section of  the site.
  2. You then need to come along to one of our events, meet some of the members and have a chat. You can, of course, do this without contacting first if you want, but if we know you are coming we can keep an eye out for you.
  3. After that, if you decide you want to join, it’s a matter of deciding what you are going to portray (panzer grenadier or panzer jaeger – in agreement with the Unit CO), then buying your uniform and equipment. Don’t buy anything without first discussing it with unit members. It is surprising how many variations of uniform and kit there are, and you need to get it right.

Do I need to buy everything on the kit list before I come to an event?

  1. No. Uniform and equipment can be very expensive therefore you don’t need to have everything on the kit list before you attend an event. We can advise you what you need as an absolute minimum, and as a guide this is highlighted in red on the individual kit s lists. We may be able to lend you some items.

How much does the uniform and equipment cost?

  1. You can spend an awful lot of money on kit and equipment if you wish. However getting the basics together (items highlighted in red on the kit lists), which will enable you to take part in events will cost you in the region of £350 (shop around and you will find it cheaper). You can then expect to spend a further £400 on other kit, plus the cost of a weapon (deactivated K98 – £250 – £300).
  2. We recommend that you speak  to the Unit CO or other members as there is often kit for sale, and some bargains to be had. Do not rush off and buy kit without talking to us. It might cost you a lot of money on incorrect items!!

Are there any Age Restrictions to Joining?

  1. To join 21st Panzer Division LHG you must be 16 or over. Other units within the Association do however accept younger members subject to them being supervised by a parent or guardian.