Uniform & Kit Requirements
21st Panzer, Helferin, Western France 1944-5.

New Members:

  1. Please check with the Unit Commander before purchasing any uniforms !
  2. You do not require everything listed before attending your first event. Items highlighted in red are the minimum requirement to get you started and attending events. Other kit can be obtained once you start attending events.
  3. All Helferin are expected to be able to parade with the Minimum Uniform, Requirements (in red).
  4. Over time, and to get the most out of the hobby, you will be expected to obtain the other items listed under Uniform and Equipment requirements.

Uniform Requirements

Grey Wool Tunic
Grey Wool Skirt
White Blouse (Cotton)
Black Tie
Black brogue style leather shoes
Helferin Cap
Black Gloves

Equipment Requirements



Helferin Blitz Shoulder patch
Helferin Blitz Tie Pin
Black Breast Eagle for Jacket
Black Breast Eagle on blouse
Black Eagle for cap
Helferin Blitz patch for cap

Optional Extra Uniform

Black leather shoulder bag
Grey Great Coat
Black V-neck Jumper
Black leather (long leg riding boot style) boots

Grey Wool Trousers
Canvas Gaiters (to be worn with boots and  trousers)
Black ankle boots (to be worn with trousers and gaiters)