Uniform & Kit Requirements
21st Panzer, Panzerjager, Western France 1944-5.

New Members:

  1. Please check with the Unit Commander before purchasing any uniforms !
  2. You do not require everything listed before attanding your first event. Items highlighted in red are the minimum requirement to get you started and attending events. Other kit can be obtained once you start attending events.
  3. All Panzerjager are expected to be able to parade with the Minumum Uniform, Requirements (in red) plus a K98 (we can usually leand you a deactivated k98 initially)
  4. Over time, and to get the most out of the hobby, you will be expected to obtain the other items listed under Uniform, Equipment and Weapon requirements

Uniform Requirements

M43 Wool tunic (not green collar)
M43 Wool Trousers
Grey Shirt (Cotton)
Black Leather Belt
Belt Buckle – Got Mitt Uns
M41 Canvas Ankle Gaiters
Black / Brown Ankle Boots
Webbing Belt or Hangers
M43 Field Cap
M42 Steel Helmet
M42 Collerless Splinter

Panzerjager Options

The following kit may be used as an alternative to the above, subject to prior agreement with the Unit CO.

M43 HBT Summer/Working Panzer Wrap. (reed green)
WH Splinter Panzer Wrap
WH Splinter Trousers

Equipment Requirements

K98 Ammo Pouches
Black Leather Y Straps
K98 Bayonet and Hanger
Gas Mask Canister and straps (no need for mask)
Bread Bag
Entrenching Tool and hanger (fixed or foldable head)
Water Bottle (bakelite or alloy cup)
Zeltbahn 31 Shelter Quarter
Mess Tins

Weapon Requirements

K98 Rifle (Blank fire on a F.A.C. or deactivated if not viable)


M40 Litzen (collar tabs, not wool, pink stripes)
M40 Shoulder Boards (wool with pink piping)
M43 Breast Eagle (grey bevo silk type, not wool)

Optional Extra Uniform

Splinter peaked cap
Splinter Camo Helmet Cover
Four Belt Hooks for Tunic (helps support weight of ammo pouches etc)
M43 reed green summer weight Tunic
M43 reed green summer weight Trousers
Reversable Splinter Pattern Parker

Optional Extra Equipment


A-Frame assault pack

Optional Extra Weapons

Generally anything used from 1939 to 1945, eg p38, mp40, mp44, panzerfaust, stick grenades, egg grenades, mg34, 42 etc