What we do

Our main aim is to preserve and display the equipment, vehicles and weapons of the 1939-1945 soldiers of Germany, and to remember the people involved in the conflict by accurately portraying them in Living History displays and Battle Re-enactments.

Living History
We attend a range of events where we portray typical German troops at rest behind the front lines. We set up our camp, cook on open fires and try to keep it as authentic as possible (Click on images for full size pictures)









We always like to have a brew on the go, and preparation for dinner is all part of the show




We have been know to go out in all weathers…….








…..And we don’t always take it seriously!





Battle Re-enactments

As part of many shows we also take part in battle re-enactments using a range of blank firing weapons and spectacular pyrotechnics







Private Battles

At least once or twice a year we also attend private battles. This is an opportunity to pit our whits against the enemy – no script, just objectives, and may the best side win!