Delivered by BMW to an army storage depot (Spandau) on the 14 October 1935. The motorcycle was issued to the newly forming 3rd Panzer Division (Berlin bear) on the 15 October 1935. The motorcycle was used during the invasion of Poland and then France in 1940. During 1941 a part of the 3rd Panzer Division was detatched to form the 5th Light Division,who became the 21 st Panzer Division in North Africa.

However it appears that this motorcycle remained with the 3rd Panzer Division as it was used in Operation Barbarossa the invasion of Soviet Russia. The 3rd Panzer Division reached as far as the Caucassus before retreating back to Germany via Hungary where it was badly mauled.

The motorcycle was bought in this country in 2001 and  subjected to a complete re-build retaining as many original parts as possible. What are presumed to be bullet holes in the rear mudguard and frame, have been filled, but  could always be found and restored. It would be fair to say that this motorcycle has seen a lot of the world and life in general since October 1935 and will enjoy a gentle retirement.

From this…….





To this…….. An amazing restoration job from a very skilled and dedicated member Ian Wrigglesworth