Marder III Ausf H (Sd.Kfz 138)

Converted from the Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) light tank chassis and designated the “7.5cm PaK40/3 auf PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf H” , the Ausf H (Heckmotor – meaning rear engine) has the fighting compartment in a central forward location and open at the top and rear.

Marda III Ausf H – Kelmarsh Hall 2009

Armed with the 75mm PaK 40/3 L/46 anti-tank gun, The PaK 40/3 could be traversed 30 degrees to the left and right, and carried 38 rounds of ammunition , a 7.92mm Machine Gun MG37(t) mounted in the front hull, and a MP38 or MP40. Armor protection ranged from 8 to 50mm.


Manufactured by BBM from November 1942 to April 1943 .TheAusf H was first issued to Heer (army) Panzerjäger Abteilungen in late 1942. They also served with the Luftwaffe (e.g. Herman Göring Division in Tunisia and Italy, 1943) units.

The unit we are portraying, the 21st Panzer Division used the Marder III Ausf H (Sd.Kfz. 138). the Pz.Div. 2./Pz.Jg.Abt.39 received nine Marder III Ausf. H in March 1943, all were lost after fierce fighting in Tunisia by the Afrika Korps (D.A.K.). also the 21. Pz.Div. Pz.Jg.Abt. 200 March 15th 1945 were issued with three.


Model: Ausf H ,
Weight: 10800kg ,
Crew: 4 men,
Engine: Praga EPA/2 / 6-cylinder In-line 140bhp 7.752cc, 70gallon Fuel Tank,
Speed: Road: 35km/h, Cross-Country: 24km/h,
Range: Road: 240km, Cross-Country: 140km ,
Fuel Capacity: 218 liters,
Length: 5.77m,
Width: 2.16m,
Height: 2.51m
Armament: 75mm Pak 40/3 L/46, 1 x 7.92mm MG37(t), MP-38-40, Ammo: 75mm – 38 rounds, 7.92mm – 1200 rounds,
Armour: 8-50mm


Marder III Ausf H (Sd.Kfz. 138) Restoration

38(t) Aquired late 90’s restored/converted into a ammunitions carrier. Early 2002 original Pak40 was found and restored, late 2004 an original gun mount was found in Europe, still undrilled and never fitted, brought back to the UK and restored. (Based on the Swedish Stridsvagn)

Armour plates been offered into position

Restored Pak40 Trunion, also remote MG mount

Original Pak40 Marder mounting, found buried at an tank assembly factory in Europe.







Armour Plates and Muzzle Break in place. 21/11/05. Outstanding: Roof Section to fabricate, Gun Sight slot, rear decking to fit, Barrel Clamp, various detailing of interior, Paint All ready for 2006 Shows

Frontal fighting compartment roof, showing periscope hatches. Also the new front tow hooks have been bolted into place.

Engine cover battle damage, deep holes penetratre the 3 layer armour plates.









Rear fighting compartment deck plate, and rear basket.

Complete and awaiting Camo

Complete and awaiting Camo








If you would like to read further on the Marder III and the 21st Panzer Div and the type of vehicles they used in detail, id recommend the following publications:

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21st Panzer Division 284048157X – very detailed book covering every aspect, battle, unit of the 21st – again details of the Marder Ausf H use by the 21st. some great photos, even a afrika cuff title been worn on a field grey panzer wrap in 1945.

Panzer Truppen: The Complete Guide to the Creation and Combat Employment of Germany’s Tank Force: 1933-1942 v. 1 no armour book collection should be without this set!

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Marder III, Grille 175 Wydawnictwo Militaria ISBN 83-7219-025-9 – Detail of the Marder III Ausf H, M , and Grille, including excllent photo of a Marder III Ausf H 138 in France 1944 (Page 14)

Tanks & Armour PanzerKampfwagen 38(t) Terry J. Gander ISBN (10) 0 7110 3091 X Ian Allan Publishing. Details of the Marder III Ausf H, and M, and all 38(t) Varients, incl Flammpanzer, Bergepanzer etc.